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Scientific Alliance Makes Formal Complaint to Advertising Standards Authority About Whitelee Windfarm

Scientific Alliance Scotland has written to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)  making a formal complaint against claims made on the website of Whitelee Windfarm which is owned and operated by Scottish Power Renewables. 

The Alliance says that the website misrepresents both the output of the windfarm and the contribution which this could make to national energy requirements. The Whitelee website claims that “The windfarm has 215 turbines which can generate 539MW of electricity, enough to power over 300,000 homes.” The Scientific Alliance disputes this, pointing out that it is not based on the available scientific evidence, and the actual output is over a third less.

Chairman Professor Tony Trewavas said: “This is a classic example of the misinformation and hype routinely presented as fact by the renewables industry as its efforts to justify its huge subsidies become ever more desperate.  It’s quite clear to us that Whitelee Windfarm has grossly exaggerated its output and efficiency, and that’s why we have written to the Advertising Standards Authority to complain.  The public, which pays for these subsidies via increased energy bills, is being deceived.”

A copy of the Scientific Alliance Scotland’s letter to the Advertising Standards Authority is attached.

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