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Scientific Alliance Newsletter

- Environmental issues - Benefits of fish "outweigh risks" - Environmental impact of the hydrogen economy - Carbon offsetting Environmental issues Readers of the last few editions of this newsletter could be forgiven for thinking that the Scientific Alliance was a single issue organisation, dealing only with climate change science and policy. This is actually far from the truth, but this has been the issue hitting the headlines, and we feel we have a legitimate contribution to make to the debate. So, no apologies for focussing on this recently, but we should set the record straight.  ...
- Science Education - Ecological debt or ecological exuberance? - Business opportunities in climate change mitigation   First, an apology to our readers for the lack of a newsletter last week. However, we hope to continue to publish weekly, with a few exceptions.   Science Education The new CCSE science curriculum – in common with many other subjects, seemingly in a continual state of flux – is now under attack from several quarters. The BBC gives a good roundup: Critics attack new science GCSE. Sir Richard Sykes, Baroness Warnock and others have weighed in to condemn the new “...