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Politicians should develop Britain's nuclear power industry


SIR – Despite the large costs of renewable energy, Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, still seems to think it is going to benefit industry ("Making the transition to a low-carbon economy",, October 29).

Growth of the green economy has only been made possible by the Government's use of taxpayers' money to fund it. Green jobs are expensive to create and outweighed by the loss of existing jobs.

All this might be tolerable if current energy policy resulted in large reducations in emissions, but the need to provide fossil fuel backup for wind energy reduces savings considerably. In any case, whatever emissions reductions we or other European countries make, they will continue to be swamped by the increases from China.

In Britain we have an expensive and ineffective policy which will hasten the decline of our manufacturing sector and overall economy. The only reasons for optimism are new nuclear power plants and shale gas, both of which Mr Cable and his colleagues should help to develop.

Martin Livermore 
Scientific Alliance