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GM-free food

The Guardian


Unfortunately, Green Party councillor Jenny Jones is guilty of flagrant scare-mongering in her comments about EU limits on GM content of food (letters, 15th June). Organic and conventionally managed produce contains the same amount of “genetic material” as any other food. The possible presence of up to 0.9% which happens to come from the most thoroughly safety-tested (ie, genetically modified) varieties is no cause for concern and certainly does not amount to “force-feeding”. In a world where we need to double food production within the next fifty years, without encroaching on marginal land or resorting to further deforestation, farmers need access to the best technology and resources available. Organic farming will not feed the world, and raising spurious concerns about the use of biotechnology is, to put it mildly, unhelpful. Green politicians, as a small minority, have no need to make real-world decisions. Governments do. This week’s decision by the EU agriculture ministers is sensible and will put no-one at risk.


Martin Livermore

Scientific Alliance

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